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What am I even doing here? It’s a simple story really. After spending the greater part of my developmental years in Westchester (I even went to College here) I had my sights set on that big concrete jungle just 30 minutes south on the Metro North. I was leaving suburbia for a cool New York City life, trying on different persona’s, taking in so much culture, and making some amazing friends along the way. I was a FiDi chick drinking champagne with Europeans on Wednesday nights. I was a Queens B totally over the island, navigating the boroughs and sampling cuisines from every corner of the world. Finally, I was an Uptown Girl, living on my own and carving out a life on the Upper East Side. I threw parties and had semi permanent couch surfers, I honed my cooking skills and dodged Time Warner calls, fell in love and had my heart broken (broke a few hearts myself), I laughed, I cried but most of all I had a great time. Then one day I woke up and realized I needed to save some money.

I decided to head back to my roots and move back to the suburbs.

It took about a week, five bottles of wine and a dozen friends to pack all those years into boxes. I cringed at the thought of letting a “Finance Bro” move into the charming pre war railroad I decorated so beautifully and loved to call home, but I was ready for a new chapter. I put all my stuff into storage, downloaded the Mint.com app and vowed to be a Manhattan resident again within months. I told myself I’d save up some money and buy an overpriced studio south of 96th street but definitely no further east than Avenue B. I’d avoid touristy Midtown but be smart enough to steer clear of the pricey West Village. I would do it right and I’d be a city girl again for sure!

Then I fell in love.

Well, first I well in love with the suburbs! It was so nice that first Saturday morning waking up to birds chirping instead of the 7:00 am rumble of garbage trucks or screams of drunken college kids. Everything smelled a bit cleaner and I wasn’t afraid to sit down on the train, though I should probably still watch that. I reconnected with old friends and found so many new restaurants, boutiques and fitness studios. And driving!! I haven’t driven consistently in SEVEN years! I mean… I’m still not just yet but it’s just nice to have the option.

OK I also found LOVE love but that is another story for another day!

That said, I hope you enjoy this blog as make my way through Westchester eating, drinking, and everything in between (theres more than just that right??) Follow me on my Instagram here or Pinterest and if you think there is something I NEED to do, let me know in the comments!



Ms. Westchester


2 thoughts on “About Ms. W

  1. I just opened a Makeup and Skincare Studio in Yorktown Heights! It’s a great space, and I would love to invite you in for a mini facial and a makeup application!
    Thiss is not my first studio, but definitely the best and I am very excited!
    I look forward to meeting you and sharing Beauty with you!
    Patricia DiPaolo

  2. I am writing something for Westchester Magazine and interested in speaking with you. Can you send me an email please?

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