Wedding Registry: Scan vs Skip

Just under three months out to my wedding and my registry has gone live! Woo sa, one more thing off the list and one step closer to our big day.

I have to say, this was the most difficult part of wedding planning. On our first trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, G and I went in confidently figuring we would bang this thing out in an hour with more than enough time to day drink the rest of our Sunday away. We were so, so wrong. We toured the entire store with the help of a registry consultant, learned the importance of service for twelve, and registered for every barware accessory available (corkcicles are very important). An hour later we attempted to take on the store alone. Armed with a scan gun and the ultimate Pinterest registry list, we still somehow felt clueless, scanned a pair of guitar shaped salad tongs, and ran.

Registering is hard. It’s especially hard because we’re both thirty (ish…) and have already collected so much STUFF between Home Goods and 80’s style hand me downs. The reality was that I knew some of our stuff had to go – the half melted plastic serving spoons had seen better days – but I needed help that Pinterest was not able to provide. I decided to enlist the help of some experts (my married friends) who gave me some insights on the the unexpectedly awesome items that they now can’t live without as well as the picks that just didn’t live up to the hype.


so chic

My sister Michelle has been my main source for all things wedding related since I got engaged. She’s been married for almost 5 years and has certainly put her registry picks to use! While her husband Chris usually takes the reigns on the savory dishes, Michelle is our baking expert. She’s one of those people that just gets the concept of baking and why measurements are so important. She’s also got ALL the gadgets you can think of from your professional level measuring cups to things you don’t even know exist like pie weights, and her oven is adorned with kitchen towels that show measurement conversions just in case she needs to do some math.

Of course Michelle had some great advice for my registry, check it out below!


“The griddle pan was an unexpectedly great gift! You can make anything on it, sometimes I make eggs just to be a little fancy. The press is an awesome accessory too, you can make a pressed grilled cheese or flatten some bacon and not have to use gross curly bacon in a sandwich. The under the radar awesome gift though? Definitely the brownie pan. It’s the one that has the lift away piece in the middle that makes every piece an end piece BUT, and this is super important, you need to use two boxes of brownie mix to make them the real brownie size. You’re welcome”


“Something that was useless for me that I thought I would love – the panini press. What a complete waste of money and space, It’s sitting in a cabinet with the plastic still on it.”


This might be the only photo from Julie’s shower. There’s a great backstory, I promise.

Julie is one of my closest friends and a trusted go to for all my Asian cuisine inquiries. She’s taught me her technique for pinching the perfect mandoo and can whip up scallion pancakes in no time, but my favorite foodie memory was our Hurricane Sandy dinner. I was living on the upper east side at the time and ended up housing a bunch of friends who were without power, including Julie & her then boyfriend/now husband Anthony. We were out of work for a week, just lounging (and drinking wine) every day when we decided to put together a big dinner. I followed Julie around the supermarket as she filled the basket with fresh veggies, ramen, and spam. A few hours (and bottles of wine) later and we had the most amazing budeh jigae among tons of other dishes. It was the perfect remedy for our weeklong cabin fever!

Julie’s been married for almost four years now so she’s definitely had time to play around with her Bed Bath and Beyond booty, here’s what she had to say when it came time for me to do my BBB tour:


“My most useful registry pick was my utensils, We ended up getting two sets, the fancier utensils to go with our China and a nicer everyday set that coordinates with the rest of our kitchen picks.”


“The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! I’ve used it once in my three years of marriage and it was only because I couldn’t find my hand mixer! It’s so heavy that it’s not even functional. It’s just a piece of art that you need in your kitchen.”


Colleen is the newbie when it comes to being married and is only one year into her married with hubby Russ. Although Col is more of a surfer babe, she had the most amazing winter wedding in the coolest part of Brooklyn. It was something right out of StyleMePretty and the endless scroll of Pinterest. Col and Russ are that laid back, cool kind of couple and have the style to show for it. When it was time to pick a gift for her shower, I poured over her registry looking for the perfect item and maybe making a few notes for myself!


“My Nesspresso Aeroccino Milk Frother is by far the most unexpectedly awesome, I use it every morning in my coffee and can’t live without it”

“I wished a skipped registering for bath towels, I got so many… I have nowehere to store them in my 1 bedroom apartment, so the extras are in my TV console! I only registered because mine were old but then I got, like, 20. People were like ‘you can never have enough towels!’ Those people clearly live in 5 bedroom homes with linen closets.”

Mrs. Why Knot?

Jenn was the first actual blogger I knew and the inspiration for Ms. Westchester! Before she started Mrs. Why Knot, I just didn’t get blogging. I thought of it like twitter updates or Facebook status’ – people were just using blogs to talk about themselves and I didn’t understand why. Then Jenn was getting married and my Facebook feed, previously filled with photo albums of babies or nonsense news shares, suddenly had a refreshingly new addition. Ms. Why Knot? (which eventually became Mrs. Why Knot?) ended up being Jenn’s own plot on the internet where she took her readers through her journey to the alter while at the same time offering up great advice & tips. Jenn was helping her readers through her blog posts while offering up personal insights and I absolutely loved it.

The blog has grown into a fun space where Jenn shares insights from experts, features with other local brands, and a boutique where you can find some really unique gifts for your newly engaged friends. Of course I had to reach out and get Jenn’s input, heres what she had to say!


“Long gone are the days of ‘holiday-only’ fancy schmancy china sets and daily knock-around boring sets of dishes. Splurge on a set of dishes that you use regularly – say, a mid-range set. One that is versatile and can be accented by whatever your seasonal decor may be. My best registry item was my Villeroy and Boch New Wave Dish Set! Whether I am dumping my chinese food take-out onto it, or serving up Thanksgiving turkey – it’s a set I love to love, and love to use!


“Stand mixer and attachments! Let’s just say I picked the creme de la creme, and every known attachment. Like every one. Yes, even the meat grinder. I think my hope was that a personal chef came along with it. I just knew as a bride to be, I HAD to have it on my registry – right?? In my case, wrong. Going on my fifth year of marriage and safe to say, it’s out of the box…but still in the red decorative, cloth, cover (another registry bummer in the Mrs. Why Knot household!) – insert crying laughing emoji here.

Some advice: scan, scan and scan! Don’t worry so much about if its too expensive, if they’re too many items, who will purchase what (and so on.) Have a variety of items and give your guests a chance to pick out what speaks to them! Sometimes it’s just as much fun to gift as it is to receive. Happy Shower!”

Thanks to all the gals who gave some insights! Now I’m off to shamelessly watch my registry for the next few weeks – I’ve got my eye on that Ninja Coffee Maker 😉

What was your favorite registry pick? Tell me in the comments!


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