Date Night: Bowlmor White Plains

Last weekend, Greg and I decided we needed to take a break from our usual routine of pizza and passing out. We needed a fun date night that included a light meal and something active! We decided to go bowling.

Let’s be real, bowling can be a bit cheesy but with the rave reviews about Bowlmor in White Plains (OK maybe more so driven by a certain Bieber visit…) we decided we had to check it out. We invited Greg’s sister and her boyfriend and got ready for our Kingpin moment! But first…

I'm on a diet, the martini is a part of it.
I’m on a diet, the martini is a part of it.

Now that I’m engaged I’m on a perpetual diet and since we were being active it seemed important at the time to have a really healthy meal. We stopped in Red Plum for some sushi gains to prep us for our athletic evening.

Bowlmor in White Plains

We got to Bowlmor, rented our clown shoes and immediately ordered a pitcher of beer at our lane. We were ready!

Then I learned that I am terrible at bowling.

While the guys were talking about strikes and spares, I was just trying to break 50 points for the whole game. The gutters were my bowling home and unlike darts, beer did not make me better. Two games later I had scored only one spare and retreated to a more comfortable position which was of course at the bar.

Bowlmor - White Plains

I am not the best at competitive bowling, but Bowlmor was actually really fun! it’s definitely got a more adult vibe with the dark lighting, loud music and cool bar. It can get a bit pricey as opposed to your average lanes space but you also won’t find a bunch of kids hoarding all the lighter bowling balls! If you’re looking for something different, Bowlmor is worth checking out!


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