Striped top and light shorts, easy and simple summer fashion

OOTD: Hamptons stripes

Summer is unofficially over but I will hang on to sleeveless tops and shorts right up to September 22nd. Once that day hits you can find me in my uggs with a PSL in hand but until then, summer lives on!

 Striped top and light shorts, easy and simple summer fashion
The reality of the sitaution though is that I’m running out of 80 degree days quickly. Instead of cringing at the thought of commuting in the cold, I decided to hang on to summer a bit longer with this light, Hamptons look.
 Summer fashion, striped top and Gucci shades
I love this Ralph Lauren top, it’s super comfy and stretchy which makes it an easy go to when I want to prep up white jeans or light shorts.Speaking of the shorts, those are forever 21! So simple and cute and I’m obsessed with them.
 Summer accessories, simple and easy fashion add ons
I like to keep it pretty simple when accessorizing and today I stuck to my favorites. I love this Tory Burch Bucket bag and these Michael Kors wedges. The Gucci shades were the cherry on top of a fun outfit!
 Brown accessories for a Summer outfit - bucket bag, shades and wedges
How are you dressing up your last days of summer?
Ms. W

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